Enjoy Vino From All Over the World at Winefest Edmonton on Feb. 15-16

The Rioja region of Spain will be the focus at this year's Winefest Edmonton, and this wine-producing region is only the tip of the iceberg. You'll find a broad range of wines from dozens of countries all around the world, as well as some produced right in Canada, so oenophiles will be able to sip their way across the globe.

Snag your tickets now and enjoy early-bird pricing on your three-hour Winefest session. Held Feb. 15-16, each session offers unlimited samples of the various vinos, as well as some appetizers to complement each varietal. So sip your way across the Shaw Conference Centre-located near your Edmonton apartment-as you nibble on noshes such as sliders, skewers, tarts, and other savory finger foods. For dessert, expect handheld sweets like stuffed beignets and chocolate mousse cups. Hurry-ticket prices go up on Jan. 12.