Princess Theatre: Experience Edmonton’s Living History

The part of Whyte Avenue where the Princess Theatre sits is steeped in history, and the theatre itself plays a large part. The then-famous Edmonton architecture firm Wilson and Herrald designed the building back in the early 20th century, along with many other well-known buildings in the area and beyond. It debuted as a single-screen theatre in 1915 with 660 seats and a stage for live performances. Now more than a century later, the theatre has expanded (to two screens), but still retains hints of its heritage.

The Princess Theatre shows many independent films and hosts artsy events, but it will also screen first-run films if you're looking to see a blockbuster. Regulars say it's worth coming to the theatre to enjoy the historic neighborhood alone, but when you do decide to sit down for a movie, definitely grab some of the fresh popcorn to share with some friends from your Edmonton apartment.